WESTFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A true team player hit quite the milestone in his basketball career this year and his entire school wants to thank him.

James Wynne, 17, is captain of the White Oak School basketball team and began playing in kindergarten

"When he first started he couldn't hit the hoop," said Linda Wynne.

However, a lot has changed.

How many shots has James made in his basketball? 1,051 shots and counting and the Western Mass News Surprise Squad is giving him a huge congratulations with classmates, teammates, and family members on the sidelines

Coach Alex Schindell told Western Mass News that James is a great team player.

"He is every coaches dream to coach. His hard work, work ethic. He's so...and he'll do whatever it takes to win," Schindell explained.

The whole moment, a huge surprise for James, including the presentation of his very own banner.

"You are the first person in White Oak's history to have a banner with 1,000 points hanging up in the rafters," Schindell said.

It will hang next to the championship banner that James also brought home.

"We were down at the half. James came in the locker room and said we should try this defense situation. He wanted to guard the best player and he stuck on him," Schindell said.

We had also head that James had a lucky pair of sneakers that he has worn the past few seasons, but they are a little worn out.

"I bought those the year we won the championship and I've been wearing them ever since because I thought they were lucky. They're starting to fall apart on me, but they at least followed through the entire year," James added.

Western Mass News also wanted to help out with that as well with a new pair of sneakers.

The team also honored him with a plaque and basketball and with James attending Westfield State University in the fall, the Surprise Squad added to the fun with lots of gear so he can rep his new school!

We presented James wiht four passes to go to the 60 Days of Summer at the Basketball Hall of Fame and when the itinerary comes out in the spring, he will get to pick any player he would want and have his own personal meet-and-greet and get an autograph.

"James, the Basketball Hall of Fame congratulates you on your great achievement and we look forward to seeing you in the near future," said Steve Delnickas with the Basketball Hall of Fame.

The Surprise Squad also helpied with college expenses with $150 to Best Buy to help out and pitch in for tech needs.

It was a shocking surprise for a role model, both on and off the court

"It's a real team support and I couldn't have done it without all of them, even from the person who doesn't play as much as the starters, but they still have a role and everyone's important," James noted.

"It's really been as an official a pleasurable experience. The most important, he's a gentleman," said referee Tom Sgroi.

If you know someone that deserves a surprise, you can nominate them by sending an email to suprisessquad@westernmassnews.com.

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