(WGGB/WSHM) -- The holidays can be extremely stressful and for Charlotte 'Chucky' Martin, a mom of five battling several health issues, it's the toughest year yet.

We first heard of Chucky's struggles when her son nominated her ahead of a big heart surgery.

Now, months later, they have no idea the Big Y Surprise Squad is ready to help

"I nominated my mom because she's the most incredible mom in the world. She's been there since day one and she still is," said Kenny Martin.

Daughter Leeann Guyett added, "She sat by me through everything. I'd open up the bedroom door at 5 a.m. and there'd be a coffee waiting on the table for me."

Kenny Martin and Leeann Guyett are beyond thankful for their mother, Chucky's, support over the years

The 77-year-old mother of five and grandmother of 40 is battling pulmonary fibrosis.

"They give you like one to five years with that and then they found out she had a blockage to 95 percent of her brain, so she lost most of the feeling in her right arm and her blood pressure is extremely low," Guyett said.

Her husband, Kenneth, is facing his own health issues.

"He just had three major heart surgeries last year, but financially, they weren't doing the greatest, so my dad went out and got a job again. Last year, we went over and nobody knew they had no heat because the oil tank was empty," Kenny Martin noted.

However, no matter what they're going through, they put everyone else first.

"There was, what she felt was, a homeless man one time and she went out with a blanket and opened up her car door, so he had a place to sleep that night. She's just the most amazing woman. She truly is," Guyett said.

We actually spoke with Kenny and Leeann to surprise them with the news that we chose their mother for the visit from the Surprise Squad.

We gathered our things and went to their house and surprise them and tell them what they got.

"I don't know if she's going to love me or hate me for this," Kenny Martin joked.

"People are people, they're wonderful people. I can't be mean to anybody. Everybody has their problems, everybody makes mistakes, but they're still human beings and people [and you want to help them out?] Ya how can you say no," Chucky Martin said.

Pieroways is going to donate a brand new electric chair.

"Anything to help. We've been here since forever and having the ability to help other people is great," said Chris Ouimette with Pieroway's.

That's not all. Western Mass News gave Chucky $450 for oil ahead of the winter season

"It comes at a good time, it's our anniversary. [Reporter: that's right, on the 17th? How many years?] 53 years. [What's the secret?] Say I love you and I'm sorry," said husband Kenneth Martin.

Chucky added,"I love you. I love all of you."

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