SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Kane's Krusades is a local nonprofit dedicated to keeping pet families together by helping with the root causes of surrender: economic, behavioral, and housing issues.

For nearly a decade, Kim George, president and founder of Kane's Krusades, has helped keep more than a thousand dogs with their families, despite going through her own hardships.

"Kane's Krusade is immeasurably important in our community," Hannah Orenstein, Animal Control Supervisor for TJO, tells us.

Founded eight years ago by Kim George, Kane's Krusades assists local families with pet dog surrender prevention.

"For so many of our folks, the only thing they have in their life is their dog, so if they're at risk of losing their best friend, it's not only upsetting, but there's mental and emotional and physical health implications of what that means for them," says George.

Kim came up with the idea of CARE kits, which stands for Canine Assistance, Resource, and Empowerment.

"The whole idea is that we're empowering the pet owner and pet family to make better choices and to give them the resources and opportunities so they can keep their dogs," stated George.

"I think anyone that knows Kim knows she gives back immensely to the animals and people in our community," continued Orenstein.

Hannah Orenstein, Animal Control Supervisor at Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Shelter in Springfield, is reaching out to our Western Mass News Surprise Squad to help Kim during her own tough time.

"Kim tore her rotator cuff last year. A lot of folks don't know that she's been out of work. Obviously, being out of work for months at a time, that's hard on anyone whether you have savings or not," said Orenstein.

"It's not a funded position and it is my heart's work, I guess, you could say. The way that we do it is through an amazing team of people," explained George.

What she doesn't know is that we have a team of our own.

"Kim is one of my favorite people. That poor girl works so hard so that people who cant afford to buy food for their dogs have food for their dogs so they don't have to surrender them," Dave Ratner, the owner of Dave's Pet City, stated.

Dave is stepping up to donate.

"It's a twenty-four hour job. She gets no money out of this. We're going to give her about $500 worth of dry dog food," says Ratner.

"Thank you so much," said George.

Reporter: And we got you more goodies over here. Take a look at these kits we built for you. They may not be as good as Kane's, but hopefully they can help out.

And of course, we had to surprise Kim with something for herself with two $100 gift cards to Big Y and Western Mass News is going to fill her oil thank.

"Aw yay! Thank you...Unbelievable. Thank you so much," stated George.

"Man, we love you and we're so glad to have you in our community," added Orenstein.

If you need help or would like to donate to Kane's Krusades, you can click or tap here for more information.

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