SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - A Springfield mother working full time, cleaning and taking care of two households, all while advocating for her adult son who has velocardiofacial syndrome.

"My mom, Deborah, she'll be sixty this year. Great mother, provider, grandmother now as of recent. and advocate for my brother," Springfield resident Anthony Disantis tells us.

Anthony Disantis tells Western Mass News his mother, Deborah, works full time at Baystate Health while also caring for her 28-year-old son, Marco, who has velocardiofacial syndrome.

"And with that syndrome can come cognitive delays in which effected him through school with being delayed and a lot of that was learning and that goes into everyday life. Everything just takes a little bit longer for him," says Anthony.

From laundry to food, shopping and cooking, Deborah is constantly going back and forth from her home in Springfield to his home in South Hadley.

"A lot of that involves leaving work, and then she has to go home and she has her own stuff going on, so she's essentially doing what we all do twice. Her time is definitely limited for herself," explained Anthony.

That's why Anthony and his sister, Elaina, are asking the Surprise Squad to help her relax.

Reporter: How often do you get flowers at work?

"Never," stated Deborah.

Reporter: We're going to make your day with that. We are the Western Mass News Surprise Squad and your son and daughter nominated you for everything that you do.

Deborah, holding back tears, tells us all she does for Marco.

"The biggest thing is answering his text messages throughout the day, which are enormous. The others are advocating for him. That's probably the difficult part, because nobody ever tells you how to go about getting services for a person with disabilities and it's pretty much educating yourself," said Deborah.

Reporter: What you do is not going unrecognized.

"It's not. I was surprised," says Deborah.

Reporter: Your son and daughter, they reached out to us at Western Mass News and they wanted to say thank you for everything you do and give you a gift to help you relax a little. A couple gifts in there for you. That's $300 towards groceries and there's one more thing at the bottom. It's $150 towards Massage Envy.

"Thank you. I could use that," stated Deborah.

Reporter: We want to give your son a call too. We have one more surprise for you. Right now, Anthony is at your house.

"I knew he was going to my house this morning, but for other reasons," said Deborah.

Reporter: We also have a cleaning crew. Maid Pro is at your house right now. Say hi!

"Hi," says Deborah.

Reporter: They're doing a three hour deep clean at your house.

"Anthony, thank you. I love you," stated. Deborah.

"Love you too," said Anthony.

"Thank you so much. I appreciate this," says Deborah.

"She doesn't get enough thanks and praise for what she does everyday. I know it's a lot for her. There are lot of times we could help her more. A lot of times, it's just her doing all this stuff, so I thought it'd be a really cool idea, really great for her to get this recognition," added Anthony.

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