WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - There's nothing more important than family, something we're especially reminded of this time of year.

The Surprise Squad is making one family's holiday a little more special before the new year rings in at a time when they're desperately in need of some good news.

"I work with Jeanne. She's a nurse and I'm a physical therapist in the same facility. She's had some really tough times in her personal life. She's been sick, her husband's sick, and through all that, her son's in the process of being deployed. He's going to be coming home for the holidays before he goes overseas. I don't think one patient would know what a tough time she's going through. She just gives them her 100 percent attention and care. I just want her to know how much myself, as well as I know many other people I work with, appreciate her and want to be there for her," Martha Wood, a physical therapist at Wingate at West Springfield, tells us.

"I have kidney cancer and my husband has colon cancer. I've just been trying to work as much as I can, trying to get through it," explained Jeanne.

They were diagnosed four months apart, all as their son is completing his Marine training.

"He's going to be deployed in January to Afghanistan. He's just amazingly courageous for a kid his age. It's tough," continued Jeanne.

And we wanted Jeanne to know that the Surprise Squad is here to support her and her family, giving her $250 for a night at 350 Grill.

The Surprise Squad, with the help of the Spirit of Springfield, also gave Jeanne to bring two cars full of her family to Bright Nights, as well as gear so her and her family can stay warm, ten tickets to a Springfield Thunderbirds games that they can use whenever they want, and some fresh merchandise.

Reporter: The Western Mass News sand Big Y Surprise Squad has one more surprise for you. We have $400 here!

"Everyday you come here and you're so good to your patients and to us, and I just admire everything that you, your empathy, and your courage," stated Martha.

"You guys are making me tear up," said Jeanne.

"I think it's important the businesses are part of the community. The community supports us, so we'd like to give back and support them," Sherri Via, the owner of 350 Grill, stated.

"We're so happy to try and bring some joy in her life in this difficult time she's having," Judy Matt, the president of the Spirit of Springfield, says.

"We just keep moving forward," added Jeanne.

Jeanne's husband has surgery scheduled on Friday to have his cancer removed,

Meanwhile, her cat scans have been clear following the removal of her left kidney.

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