Facebook and other social media companies fought to stop videos of the New Zealand mosque attacks from spreading on their sites.

EAST LONGMEADOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- If you weren’t able to post on Facebook yesterday, you are not alone.

Millions of users were impacted by a major outage, but those who were affected the most may surprise you.

For many, it’s a habit: pick up your cell phone, scroll through Facebook and Instagram, and do it again.

However, on Wednesday, that wasn’t possible for millions of users after Facebook suffered a major error in their log in verification system, causing the whole website to crash.

"What Facebook had to do was shut down the system to fix that authentication system," explained Stan Prager with GoGeeks in East Longmeadow.

While Facebook was shut down for hours, users were frustrated, but who was even more frustrated were the businesses that rely on the platform to operate.

"You're upset because you can't post pictures to Facebook or like a picture of cats or what have you. On a more serious level, businesses rely on Facebook - not only to keep their business going, but to advertise on Facebook. With a system outage like this, your ads are not running," Prager noted.

Even GoGeeks uses the site to advertize their services and with those ads not running, there was money being lost.

Looking forward, Prager told Western Mass News that he’s not sure about the security of the site.

"With that system now derailed, I don't know how secure it's going to be. This is still all breaking news right now and there is very little information out," Prager said.

Even though Facebook assures its users it's secure, Prager said that it's best to change your password, just in case.

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