SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Today was the first day of school for students in Springfield, but families quickly became frustrated after facing many challenges accessing their online classrooms.

Many families in Springfield had a stressful first day of school because of technical issues. All of them hoping tomorrow isn't a repeat of today.

Tenth grader Allen Jones’s smile shines brightly in his first day of school photo.

He and more than 23,000 students in Springfield had their first day of school fully remote during the coronavirus pandemic.

“There is an activity log in and you are supposed to log in and see what class you have or what activities you have that day so you can get into the zoom meeting and unfortunately for us, there was nothing logged in at all,” his grandmother Elena Barnett-Jones said.

Barnet-Jones said it was a stressful first day for her grandson on Tuesday.

“On the first hour of the day, we scurried sending emails from his phone and my phone to the councilors to the schools to different teachers,” she said.

Western Mass News found many other families posting about their problems on social media.

Some students were having a hard time getting online. Others couldn’t get into their Zoom classroom.

“If Zoom is crashing, you have to kind of determine whether it's an institutional issue,” said Stan Prager of Go Geeks. “Is it with the Springfield Public Schools on their end? Is it with Zoom the program? Is it with you?”

Prager, a tech expert, discussed what parents can do if the problem is on their end. First, restart the computer, and then do this:

“I will often recommend to people to try a different browser if they are having problems with a browser recommended today that most often tends to be less,” he said.

Even with all the technical difficulties, Barnet-Jones is grateful to have her grandson learning from home.

“I like the fact that it is helping me to be more involved in his life,” she said. “It is giving him and I that 1-on-1 time that we need.”

If this doesn't help, Springfield Public Schools is telling families to bring their school-issued laptops right to their school and follow a list of directions. Click here for the info.

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