HOLYOKE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The families Western Mass News spoke with tonight are desperate for answers.

They said by tomorrow they have no place to go...many of them with young children.

They are frustrated after reaching out to the city and the landlord, for what they should do next.

A group of tenants from a Holyoke apartment building on Essex Street are holding back tears.

Naomi Cruz, who spoke for the entire group, exclusively to Western Mass News said, come Wednesday, they will have no place to stay.

"There are about 13 families in here right now but there have been about 19 families that have been displaced," Cruz said.

Sunday night, a 30-foot section of their apartment building's roof came crashing down.

Fire officials said no one is allowed back inside until the building is fixed.

"We just hear a really loud noise and the building kind of shook so I look out the window and see a piece of the building had fallen," Cruz explained.

According to documents, the apartment building is owned by Windsor Realty.

She said the representative of the landlord, Lucjan Hronowski has put them up in a hotel until Wednesday morning.

"We don't have any plans we don't know where to go we can't go back to the apartments that we pay rent for because it is not safe," Cruz explained.

Cruz said she has tried her best to find a place to go but has nowhere to turn.

"I called the City of Holyoke I left them a voicemail because they never answered but I haven't heard back from them I went to the fire department in Holyoke they gave me a paper right. They gave me a list of different places I can go to Wayfinders, Chicopee housing, Springfield housing. I called every single one of these places and they don't have space for us so we don't know what is going to happen to us," Cruz explained.

She said the group is desperate to take action.

"When it hits 11 o'clock tomorrow we are all going back to our apartments and I don't know we don't care if the police are going to try to stop us the fire department we are going back inside our apartments cause we don't have a place to live right now," Cruz noted.

It's a cry for help, theses resident don't want to go unheard.

"You know we have small children and we are frustrated we are a big family right now we are all trying to help each other. We all work we all have our children all pay our rent it is not fair we are living under these circumstances right now," Cruz said.

Western Mass News has reached out to the City of Holyoke and the apartment owner, but we have not heard back.

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