EAST LONGMEADOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The world of essential oil is very new and interesting to many/

It's believed these oils can enhance your well being, and be used in many different ways, but only if they are used properly.

Want to reduce stress, sickness, and improve your overall health?

Try simply-smelling lavender, ginger, and Chamomile, according to experts.

Families are turning to essential oils to boost their lives.

"They are used from relaxation to something, such as," herbal information specialist Jonathan Evans tells us. "Any of the citrus oils, such as orange lime, to help perk you up. They are uplifting. Things, like lavender and Chamomile, are very, very relaxing and soothing."

Jonathan Evans, a herbal information specialist, tells Western Mass News there are many ways you can use essential oils, whether it's sniffing an inhaler, adding oils to a bath properly, or, the most popular, using a diffuser.

"Diffusing the oils is probably the easiest," stated essential oil user Lisa Hutchison. "They are volatile oils and volatile chemicals so the molecules are just expanding out into the room."

Essential oils can even be effective for those who can't smell.

Just by sniffing an oil, the molecules are effecting the brain.

Lisa Hutchison from East Longmeadow has been swapping out products that contain chemicals with essential oils.

Since then, she has noticed an improvement in her and family's health.

"We use them for emotional support," continued Hutchison. "Immune support, [and] sleep support. I've seen a difference in my girls. If I'm diffusing, like a calming scent after dinner, they'll calm down...It makes everyone sleep better."

Hutchison also started making her own products with essential oils to avoid using toxic chemicals.

"I have some skin care," stated Hutchison. "We did bug spray in the Summer so that was great for the girls. There wasn't toxic chemicals placed on them."

Professionals suggest, if you are a beginner looking to use essential oils, make sure you do your research, because, although you can benefit from these oils, you can damage your body if they are not used properly.

"One of the big misconceptions," continued Evans. "There's a lot of companies out there that are telling their people you can actually ingest their oils. That's a twisting of the truth."

If you use the oils correctly, they can enhance your life.

"Think, overall," said Hutchison. "We just feel stronger and we feel better. It's a nice feeling as a mom and what I'm putting in the air is non-toxic and safe."

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