NORTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- With more rain in the forecast, there are growing concerns about flooding, especially along the Connecticut River.

Four days ago, when we were at the Oxbow Marina, a nearby driveway was open. Now, it's almost completely underwater - proving how quickly the river can rise and how fast the water moves.

"It's already running high, so if we get any more rain added to it over the next few days, few weeks, it's going to make it that much worse," said First Warning Meteorologist Dan Brown.

Water levels continue to fluctuate in the Connecticut River.

On Friday, the Western Mass News SkyDrone captured a shot of grass and pavement and today, that same spot is completely underwater.

Edward Lebiedz said he sees this happen every spring.

"It's high and running very quickly, very, very quick. The water's going over the dam at a pretty good clip," Lebiedz said.

Lebiedz and his wife stopped by the Oxbow Marina in Northampton Tuesday to snap pictures of the water levels and flooded fields.

"We came by to check on the height of the water and the flow of the water. We have friends who have a boat here and they were curious to see how high the water is with all the rain we've been getting. They're enjoying theirselves down in Florida, so they asked us if we'd stop by and take a look for them," Lebiedz explained.

Brown said that while Tuesday is dry and full of sunshine, we aren't in the clear just yet.

"The problem is at the end of the week, we may have some more heavy rainfall, so the rivers and streams basically now going forward are probably going to be problematic and will have to be watched closely," Brown noted.

Like many people, Lebiedz hopes the water levels go down, so everyone can get out and enjoy the beauty of the river.

"It's beautiful here and it's going to be beautiful here for the next six months or so...back to boating and sunning and fishing," Lebiedz added.

Now, even in the last few hours, the water levels have started to go down, but we will continue to monitor them throughout the week as more rain moves in.

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