CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A report of a breaking and entering in Chicopee led to the arrests of three people yesterday afternoon.

Chicopee Police Officer Michael Wilk said that on Tuesday afternoon, neighbors saw a break-in take place  at a Wintworth Street home.

Those people called the homeowner, who then called police.

Officers arrived, entered the home, and found two men inside.  Those suspects were ordered to get on the floor, which they did.  One then attempted to flee and police took both into custody.

"They did discover copper piping had been cut from the basement, and cut into smaller pieces to be removed from the home," Wilk added.

One officer on-scene saw a man jump from a second floor roof and take off.  That person was taken into custody after a brief foot pursuit.

Investigators arrested 26-year-old Rafael Sanchez Jr., 19-year-old Kyle Heath, and 24-year-old Nathan Leblanc, off of Chicopee, on a charge of breaking and entering a building in the daytime to commit a felony.  Leblanc is also facing additional charges of possession of a Class E drug and larceny from a building.

Wilk explained that as police searched each person, seven bottles of prescription pills belonging to the homeowner were found in Leblanc's pocket and car keys to the homeowner's car, which was parked in the driveway, were found on Sanchez.

All three men were booked at Chicopee Police.  Heath was released on personal recognizance and a $40 fee, while Sanchez and Leblanc were held on $2,540 bail.

"Great job by the neighbors in keeping an eye out, and calling when they see something. Its vital that everyone watch out for each other, and if you see something, say something," Wilk noted.

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