BOSTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - In just over twenty-four hours, the Bruins will take the ice in Boston against the St. Louis Blues in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Final.

If you want to go to the game, we've checked and there are still tickets available, but, as you can imagine, it will cost you.

Just how much? A local travel professional who specializes in sports breaks it down.

A warning: the numbers you are about to read are not for the faint of heart!

"The most? I'd pay $150," Springfield resident Lamar Nash tells us.

"I would say about $500 each. That's about my limit," says Wilbraham resident Mike Lacoste.

Not even close if you want even the upper deck or the upper balcony at the 20,000-seat capacity TD Garden.

"By day's end, you're going to be looking at $1,500-1,700. Anything better than the upper level you're going to look at $2-3,000 no problem," stated Sports Travel & Tours President Jay Smith.

Jay Smith, president of Sports Travel and Tours out of Hatfield, says, since the Bruins sent it to Game Seven, his customers want in.

"If you're a big hockey fan and you've never been to the seventh game of the Stanley Cup and you really want to go, it could be a once in a lifetime, so it's a priceless memory," said Smith.

Yes, a priceless memory.

Not so much for your wallet if you want a view from center ice..

"Right at the center stripe, $6,100. About ten rows off the ice," says Smith.

That's $6,100 for center ice. Still want to go?

Lets do the math.

A family of four for, let's say, the least expensive tickets, at least right now, is $1,600.

Let's throw in a hotel in boston. Smith says, if you can find one, that's about $2,500.

Without taxes and fees, you're at: $8,900.

"It is sometimes a shock for many people, because they don't think it will be that costly and others are like, 'I'm going and I don't really care'," stated Smith.

To save on hotels, Smith says the back bay area and just outside the city are better deals, but act quickly.

Smith says tickets and hotel rooms are going fast.

"It's not for the faint at heart. You've got to make a quick decision and, obviously, decide if this is the kind of money you want to spend," added Smith.

Smith and Boston Police say do not try to buy tickets at the game from those selling them on the streets.

Carrying around that kind of cash only makes you a target for thieves.

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