HOLYOKE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- There was a moment of panic on a busy Holyoke street on Monday when a three year old girl was found wandering alone near the road.

Liliana, 3, has gotten used to opening her front door recently and that is exactly what she did this morning - walking out the front door, heading down Philip Drive, onto Homestead Avenue.

The precocious little girl gave her mother quite the scare Monday morning in Holyoke.

"I'm scared anyone who has even lost a kid in a store. It is scary," said mom Tonya Williams.

Williams spoke exclusively with Western Mass News and said she was on the phone when she noticed the front door was open. That's when she said she panicked.

"I know she is not in the house, so I'm going around, walking around. I looked thoroughly in her hiding spots 'cause she has hiding spots. Even if you call her, she likes to play hide and seek," Williams added.

Williams said Liliana wandered down to Homestead Avenue, a busy stretch in Holyoke.

"She's small. You can barely see a little kid like all. It takes is a person texting, looking at their phone, no one would even see her," Williams said.

However, thankfully, drivers did see the little girl and stopped traffic. At the same time, a Holyoke Community College shuttle driver called 911

"There is this little baby walking down the hill. She is like two years old and she's got like no cares in the world, but she is headed for the main traffic. The traffic is going like 30 to 45 miles per hour," said shuttle driver Leonard Houle.

Houle told Western Mass News everyone on the bus was in a panic.

"They were all screaming 'Oh my God. She is going to get hit,' you know," Houle added.

All the while, neighbors also watched the commotion.

"I saw this little baby and I figured she either wandered off into the road," said one neighbor who didn't want to be identified.

A police officer arrived within moments and waited with Liliana until her mom walked down the road.

"I noticed that the traffic on Homestead is much slower than normal, so my heart like dropped so bad. At that point, I couldn't think the worst. I just started walking that way," Williams said.

Williams noted she is grateful her daughter is alright.

"Thank you so much for making that 911 call...happy that she's not in the hospital or anything worse. She is a handful, but I never would have thought that would happen," Williams added.

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