WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Frustration continues for people traveling between Agawam and West Springfield.

With construction on the Morgan Sullivan Bridge, drivers are looking for alternative routes, but a train traveling through the area is causing even more traffic problems.

It’s 11:45 Wednesday morning and Andrea izzo is trying to make it home to West Springfield when she ran into...

"The train," Izzo tells us. "The things were down, I had to wait for the train, which is normal when I’m coming home from work."

This train only stopped people for about four minutes, but Andrea tells Western Mass News she has waited more than a half hour before.

"It’s a long wait, and sometimes," continued Izzo. "The train comes and it stops. I don’t know what they’re doing, but they stop and then you go."

A couple weeks ago, a driver captured video of cars going through the railroad gates after the tracks had reportedly been closed off for ten minutes, but no train was in sight.

Other times, drivers say the train will come to a complete stop for forty minutes.

Agawam mayor William Sapelli says he’s working with West Springfield Mayor Will Reichelt, local and state legislators, as well as Mass DOT to install new electronic signs to warn drivers when the train is crossing.

"At least a half mile away," stated Mayor Sapelli. "If there was an electronic sign indicating that the train was there, then they wouldn’t go that route and would take an alternate route and save them some angst and aggravation. They’re going to have everything installed by the end of June. They’re going to do a test run the first week of July and, hopefully by that point, everything will be good and we’ll be good to go as of July."

Mayor Sapelli says they've reached out to CSX, who operates the train many times, to see if they can post a schedule of train times or help fix some of these problems, but they have not been very responsive and say there is no schedule.

We reached out to CSX about the issues, but have not heard back.

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