TURNERS FALLS, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Like many buildings in Turners Falls, the Brick House Community Resource Center has a post-industrial charm to it.

What we learned after visiting is that it's really whats on the inside of the building that counts.

Located in downtown Turners Falls, the Brick House's goal is to build community.

"Here's a place within walking distance of their house, it's safe. There are adults here they trust. We really want to try to bring people together through arts, through healing, and through social justice. We are a resource to parents and families," said executive director Dana Mengwasser.

The Brick House wants teens to recognize their full potential.

"Often times, even if we have a conflict or we have a young person in crisis...it gives us an opportunity to connect with the young person to say 'I see you, I see the good in you...you are amazing,'" Mengwasser explained.

The center has become a safe place for teens.

"This is our after-school youth program for young people 11-18. They can come in here any day after school. We have a music studio, an art studio, we have couches to lounge on, a community table that people can use to make art and talk about their day. It's a place they can hang out and be themselves," Mengwasser noted.

Turners Falls is instrumental in keeping the doors open for the Brick House.

"We rely on the support of our neighbors, our friends, of the people who hear what we're doing and who care about youth, care about families, and want to help out. A lot of the time, it's community donations," Mengwasser added.

Western Mass News and Diamond RV wanted to help, so we presented Brick House with a check for $500.

"That's thrilling. That's a big difference for us," Mengwasser said.

She continued, "They bring their full selfs, they bring their fight and bring their heart, and their sprit and creativity, and they trust us."

For more information on the Brick House Community Resource Center in Turners Falls or how you can help out, CLICK HERE.

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