Cases at UMass last week were a total of 149 and now positive cases for this week are 371.

AMHERST, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- UMass cases more than doubled this week compared to last week. It follows an off-campus tailgate party last weekend where students were shoulder to shoulder.

Cases at UMass last week were a total of 149 and now positive cases for this week are 371.

“I think it was expected if anything. There’s really no way you can bring 20,000 plus people into a pretty compact space without expecting that,” UMass junior John Paribello said.

“It’s definitely alarming because like I do see like a lot of just like violations of the guidelines and stuff,” UMass grad student Li Chen said.

Mixed reaction from UMass students on cases being more than double this week compared to last week. Let's break down the numbers for you.

From September 1 through 7, the total number of cases was 149. Digging deeper, 19 were on-campus students, 127 of those cases were from off-campus students, three from faculty and staff, with an almost four percent positivity rate, and more than 3,800 tests performed.

This week there is a total of 371 cases. 68 of them are on-campus students, 292 off-campus, 11 of the faculty and staff. But the total tests performed are more than 8,000, with a positivity rate of just above four percent.

In response to the rise in cases, the university released this statement, “The university will begin adaptive testing to identify students who may be at risk of infection. Selected students, for instance in particular residential areas or social groups, will be asked to come in for additional testing so public health officials can better understand the transmission of the virus in our community.”

We asked students what they thought of that.

“That’s fine, they can ask. Can they force people to do it? I don’t know. We’ll see,” Umass senior Jared Henkel said.

“I think that’s a good thing just really like stratifying the population and just like doing one group,” Chen said.

As of now, the on-campus parking and tailgating event is still on for Saturday. The hope is everyone will be able to enjoy UMass football while staying socially distant.

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(3) comments


UMASS has a Vax mandate unless medical or religious approved exemption. Wonder how many are vaxed vs. unvaxed.


Oh the horror, i'm still waiting for all them "superspreader" events the media hyped up to finally pan out (college football games, Sturgis, the Obama's birthday party (oh wait, they don't talk about that one along with the MetGala and all the other loony liberal Hollywood maskless soiree's or when some democrat politician goes against their mandates.


college kids will be fine with covid. Thats not the real issue. On a positive note, these kids at least figured that out.

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