AMHERST, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- After the Patriots lost in the big game last year against the Eagles, students at UMass Amherst got rowdy, with some even getting arrested for their reaction to the loss.

It was in the Southwest area of campus where students gathered to voice their displeasure when the Patriots lost the big game and it got a little out of hand.

"I would say last year definitely got out of hand. I saw some kid get tackled," said UMass junior Osiris Terry.

Western Mass News captured video after last year’s NFL championship game when hundreds of students gathered in the Southwest area of campus, for what turned into a post-game riot.

Seven were arrested and a dozen were transported for medical care.

Some students said that that’s just how they celebrate a big game.

"Everyone is hyped about the Patriots. I mean, it is UMass. There is going to be a riot either way," Terry added.

However, UMass Amherst is implementing a no-guest policy for the game and they are requiring that students stay in their areas of campus.

UMass spokesperson Ed Blaguszewski said that outside guests tend to be a problem, so even though it's inconvenient for students, it's safer.

"After what happened last time, it got out of hand, so I kind of do understand why," said UMass freshman Dylan Bresnahan.

UMass wants the students to enjoy the game with their friends, they know how many fans there are, but they are ready in case something goes too far.

"The police are always there on stand-by and if they are needed to disperse the crowd, they will, but we are hoping that all will go well," Blaguszewski explained.

Hoping not only that it all goes well, but that the Patriots bring home the Lombardi Trophy too.

"We want to be prepared. We hope and expect students will come out they will celebrate and they will be responsible. There will be some noise and yelling and screaming and that's great," Blaguszewski said.

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