Violations reported at Greenfield apartment building

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Some Greenfield residents are calling their living conditions unsafe and dangerous.

Health inspectors were called to a multi-family home on Colrain Street in Greenfield after reports of black mold, lead paint, and leaky ceilings.

Residents who live at that home are now demanding action from their landlord, who they said often ignores their complaints.

The Board of Health visited the property a few weeks ago and observed nearly 75 violations.

"He doesn't think there's a problem with the apartments and that the Board of Health and all of us are overreacting," explains Kelly Jackman.

Jackman lives on Colrain Street with her children. She said she doesn’t have many housing options and wishes her landlord, Theodore Burrell, would do more to make these living conditions much safer for her family.

"He expects us to live there, but I don't think he'd let his kid live in this kind of a thing," Jackman added.

Burrell owns a number of properties in Greenfield, including one on Conway Street – which was destroyed by a fire last Thursday.

"I'm in fear this house is going to burn down too,” explained one tenant who didn't want to be identified. "We were just without smoke detectors."

There are another concerns fresh in these tenants’ minds.

Burrell was arrested and faces charges of assaulting one of his tenants after a dispute over heat.

Western Mass News reached out to Burrell, but he was unavailable to speak on-camera. He did issue a statement, saying in part:“As a property that accepts subsidized housing, the apartments and building on Conway Street receive a thorough inspection by the state and has been up to code.”Burrell went on to say all three units on Colrain Street have been inspected by the Board of Health and he is addressing the issues noted by the tenants.

"We're all kind of sitting here, living in fear and it's not a way you should live," explains one tenant, who didn't want to be identified.

The fire on Conway Street remains under investigation by the state fire marshal.

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