HINSDALE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A volunteer search and rescue team, along with state and local police, continue to search in Hinsdale for a mother who has been missing more than a month.

The Berkshire Mountain Search and Rescue Team will be out searching an area of woods for missing mother Jackie Coutinho.

Investigators have been searching for Coutinho in Hinsdale and alongside them is the Berkshire Mountain Search and Rescue Team.

"We have been involved in this for about 18 days now and we tried to concentrate on maybe a half a mile around the house and as we haven’t found anything, we are branching out farther and farther. At this point, we are about two miles, a little more than two miles, away from the house," said search and rescue team president Michael Comeau.

In May, Coutinho vanished from her sister's backyard and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Comeau told Western Mass News that it is all volunteer-based. About 18 people are putting their boots to the ground in hopes of finding Coutinho.

"We do grid searching, so we pick up an area, we spread out what we call critical spacing is basically the type of education, so if it is in an open field, our critical spacing can be a little bit wider because we can see everything between us. If it is really heavy vegetation, then our critical spacing is kind of tight which could be about five feet off of each other. We form a line and we just go right across the anchors," Comeau added.

The group will head out again within the next few days and when they are searching, Comeau said "we are looking for abnormalities in the wilderness, something that doesn’t look right or clothing or articles or anything. Lately, all we have found is clean woods."

So far, the group has not found a single trace that links to Coutinho.

"If you see something, you see somebody walking around that fits her description, if you see someone in the woods that looks like they are not sure where they are or what’s going on, just call the police department," Comeau explained.

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