SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- It was a humid start to Thursday and we don't know about you, but some of us in the newsroom had our air conditioners cranking last night.

It is that time of year and one repair shop told Western Mass News that they're preparing for a lot of calls this week.

"We'll be getting the phones ringing off the hook," said Gary Woodruff with Hurley and David.

Air conditioners are saviors during the summer months and if you're pulling them out of storage, you might find they need some maintenance.

"The dirt and dust that builds up in the system can affect the efficiency, so it's not cooling as well and your electric bill is higher," Woodruff explained.

Woodruff told Western Mass News they're receiving calls for air conditioner troubles.

"They say 'Oh, my air conditioning isn't blowing cold air. It's blowing hot air,'" Woodruff added.

So if you haven't turned on your air conditioner yet, Woodruff recommends doing so now before the humidity comes back.

"There's condensate that needs to drain away, so you've got some stagnant water and without maintenance, you can grow things they can plug up a drain," Woodruff said.

Not only backing up the line, but potentially making you sick from mold, so what should you do if you notice a problem with your air conditioner and can't get a hold of someone?

"We have a busy weekend like this weekend...a couple things to check: the air filter, make sure there's good airflow," Woodruff noted.

The filter should be changed every one to three months. Larger ones can be good for six months.

Also, keep an eye on the circuit breakers.

"Double check the thermostat, it's on...maybe even double check the batteries in the thermostat," Woodruff said.

If all checks out, you might be able to avoid a service call.

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