(WGGB/WSHM) -- There’s still about a month left in our ‘stay-at-home’ advisory and pandemics over the years have taught us these sorts of things don’t simply come and go.

Health officials say to brace for a possible round two and, as far as medicine is concerned, it’s important to be stocked up.

It’s week four of the COVID-19 pandemic and a trip to the store remains a gamble.

Not only are shelves bare in places, but you may even expose yourself to the virus.

“They're filled with people who may not be feeling well, so you want to avoid that wherever you can,” said Eric Levin, CEO of Scripta Insights.

Levin is the CEO of Scripta Insights, a company that educates consumers of prescription costs and their options. He isn’t a doctor, but he echoes what they’ve been saying: the virus controls the timeline.

“We started with a week, then 15 days, then it's a month, then maybe another month,” Levin noted.

Levin told Western Mass News it’s important to be ready for a second wave of this pandemic. For starters, he said to think of the basics.

“You want to have at home already, what you'd have for a common cold,” Levin explained.

Items such as:


Cough suppressants


First aid kit

“If something simple happens that could happen any day, whether there's a pandemic or not, you can take care of yourself and avoid going to an urgent care,” Levin noted.

However, let’s say you need more than the basics, like prescription medication. For now, here’s plenty in stock, but that could change.

“There is a chance we will see some supply chain disruptions. A lot of these ingredients do come from all over the world,” Levin noted.

Levin recommended loading up.

“You want to make sure you don't miss any medicine, for things like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Typically, you can get 90 day fills and a lot of pharmacy managers are waiving additional fees and waiving fill limits, allowing you take in 60 days, 90 days of pharmaceuticals at the same price. A great way to avoid it all together, you have it at home, you know it's safe, you know it's not going to run out, and you're prepared,” Levin said.

In addition, to avoid the stress of public places, you could always send these meds to your house.

“Home delivery is a great option. Most waive their fees. Mail order is also very convenient,” Levin added.

Scripta Insights is also currently working on a drug substitution option. It will be on their website in about a week’s time. That will find you comparable medicine should the scripts you need run into one of those supply chain disruptions.

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