Woman searching for wedding dress after being accidentally donated

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In less than 24 hours, a Springfield native's quest to find her wedding dress has come to an end.

After our story aired Wednesday night, Rachele Familia is getting her dress back.

Familia's dress was brought to the Goodwill in Palmer where it was sold to another woman.

It's been a hectic couple of days for Rachele since she posted on Facebook asking for help to find her wedding dress.

On Thursday, Western Mass News discovered she is getting her wedding dress back.

"This morning I stepped out for a little bit with my daughter and my phone was going off like crazy, and it says, 'I have your dress'. I'm like what? No way, said Familia.

Familia is smiling ear to ear after getting word she's getting her wedding dress back. Rachele, who now lives in California, talked to Western Mass News via Facetime.

Rachele was married in 2004 and as a gift, her aunt had her dress preserved and boxed, then stored it in her home in Palmer.

Her aunt died a few years ago, and while cleaning the house, her uncle mistakenly included the dress in a Goodwill donation.

The woman who brought the dress, and wants to remain anonymous, reached out to Rachele Thursday morning.

"She saw the news this morning and she said that's what prompted her and she said 'oh my god I have this lady's dress," Familia added.

"I contacted her, she private messaged me, and just thanking her over and over. I'm just shocked. I never thought this would be shared so many times and to think someone bought it just because they thought it was beautiful," she continued.

So how did Rachele know it was her dress?

"I knew, I said, I just knew it was the dress even without seeing it and she did, she sent me pictures and it was my dress," she noted.

Rachele said the woman met up with Rachel's mother and gave her the dress.

"I'm just super, super appreciative. It just shows me there's still a lot of amazing people in this world and it's just really awesome," Familia said.

Rachele said she's either going come back to western Massachusetts or figure out a way to get the dress to California.

She's just happy to finally have it back and said in this case, social media was a blessing.

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