WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- One person is dead and four others were seriously injured following a two-car crash last night in West Springfield.

A neighbor we spoke with said she couldn’t believe an accident like this would happen so close to her home.

A mangled fence and debris are left behind after a serious crash involving two cars in West Springfield Monday night.

“I just heard a loud crash. It sounded like cars hit each other and when I ran to my window to look, I saw a white car in the street and other in my driveway,” said Natasha Garcia, who lives nearby.

Garcia did not want to show her face on-camera, but told Western Mass News she called police right away.

“I called the cops. They said that they were on the way,” Garcia added.

All of this happened in the area of Main Street and Fairview Avenue.

One of the cars, Garcia said, landed in front of her house.

“The one that was in my driveway was definitely crunched, like windshield broken, the whole front part was gone, the engine was gone, everything, the doors. It was horrible, but the white car looked better,” Garcia noted.

Police said one person died in the accident and four others were seriously hurt.

Garcia said she is still in shock.

“I was scared. I stared shaking ‘cause I was like I never seen that before,” Garcia explained.

We have learned that there were two people in one of the cars. The driver is in a coma and the other person had to have surgery.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what happened.

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