WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- With the immense snowfall comes to the task of shoveling.

Western Mass News has been out on the roads all day from our weather tracker with a story you'll only see here.

In West Springfield, people have 24 hours from the end of the snowfall to clear their sidewalks.

And in that 24 hours, more than a dozen homeowners have taken up the opportunity to invest in a unique snow removal service.

If you're lucky, like Kevyn Thomas, shoveling the sidewalk is just something you don't like to do.

[This is everybody’s favorite part of winter right?]

"Not mine and I would rather be in the tropics," Thomas explained.

But for many, the necessary task of clearing the sidewalk is dangerous or even impossible.

"I’m finding in this neighborhood we’re pretty much on our own. A lot of elderly and nobody’s around," Thomas said.

Enter Jaishawn Sullivan, who's home for a snow day from high school, which became a workday and the chance to earn a little money.

"I do this almost whenever it snows," Sullivan said.

When most his age are sleeping in, Sullivan is building a business, scoop by scoop

"I’ve done six houses I’m on my seventh one now," Sullivan explained.

Year by year...

"About six now," Sullivan said.

And on days when his bobcat doesn't start, step by step...

"I’m out here walking around," Sullivan noted.

Sullivan walks from house to house, doing the chore no one wants to do and taking the time to do it well.

"I had a lady that I went to before I came to this house she was in a wheelchair and I cleaned off her ramp, I cleaned out her driveway. I spent two hours at her house," Sullivan said.

Working as hard as the plow drivers and nearly as long, Sullivan has entrepreneurial spirit by the shovelful.

[How many more do you think you’ll do today?]

"I’m supposed to go to Haydenville. Someone texted me and said I have 10 more houses and a church for me to do. I won’t be home until 10 o’clock tonight," Sullivan explained.


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