Western Mass Brews: Beerology in Northampton

(photo courtesy Beerology.beer)

So far our Western Mass Brews have focused on the great beer being made at breweries but did you ever think you can brew at home? Well the husband and wife duo behind Beerology say you can not only do it but they'll show you how.

Let's head on inside to meet them!" Wearing hop earrings Jordana Starr and her husband Mike are here to share the secrets behind brewing beer. "We call it Beervangilization, spreading the good word of this awesome thing that anyone can do. You don't have to have an insane setup. You can brew right on your stove at home. We like to be able to show people how easy it can be. It can also be more complicated if you want to and we will show you that too," Jordana tells us.

Their store appropriately called Beerology is a homebrew shop and educational center in Northampton which they opened last fall.

"fermentation. We are wild about fermentation," she adds.

They have everything you need to make beer, wine, cider or mead.

"I had gone to brewing school in Munich and in Chicago so I have an international diploma in brewing technology. I was thinking of starting my own brewery," Mike says. Instead they realized that they enjoy the social aspect of sharing beer. "Yet I still get to brew two or three times a week. We teach classes we will show you the whole process so I still get to brew," notes Mike. In their classes they'll show you what this is for: "The first thing is understanding what all the components are. What is this? You don't use this in other types of cooking," Mike explains. With so much product it can be overwhelming to the budding brewer so Mike is here to help: "I kind of help people be like why are you adding that? I'm happy to give my recipes that I have developed as well." One recent recipe involved lactose, vanilla, and blueberries that packed a punch: 'The Blueberry Milkshake IPA was so good. One of the most popular ones we have. People want to make it. So we will be doing that again maybe this time with strawberry," says Jordana. So whether you're just starting out: "if you've ever made chili before you can make beer. If you've made tea you can make beer." Or if you're a seasoned pro: "if you've been doing it for years and you want to learn about water chemistry and why that makes a difference. Or maybe hopping techniques to up your game," they add. Jordana and Mike would love for you to pull up a stool and study some beer. If you're interested in checking out a class there is one tonight. Click here to see Beerology's upcoming events!

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