Western Mass Brews: Moe's Tavern in Lee


The clock says it all, for this week’s Western Mass Brews we are heading to the Berkshires to Moe’s Tavern in Lee. Inside this brightly lit neon space, you’ll find all times of craft beer.

“In this room we have the best representation I think of the beers I can get my hands on without doing it illegally,” jokes Josh Cohen, a self described reformed ski bum now bar owner. Cohen says it was a friendship with fellow Western Mass native Sam Calagione that lead to attending events focused around craft beer. Calagione went on to found Dogfish Head Brewing and Cohen saw an opportunity to bring something special to Lee.

“I decided to come back to the East Coast and I said hey we are going to bring a craft beer bar to the Berkshires where there seemed to be a void for this category,” says Cohen.

When it comes to the name Cohen has this to say:

“It did come from the Simpsons people ask me all the time. It was the code word for the project when I tell people to open up a bar,” says Cohen.

On the digital tap list, which updates as each keg kicks you’ll find newcomers to the scene like Springdale, the offshoot of Jack’s Abbey, Greenfield made Ginger Libation and several IPA’s like Dogfish Head’s 60 Minutes.

“It's like we are selling soup IPA is chicken noodle soup and it is never going to be the least popular,” says Cohen.

Yet if you’re on the hunt for something weird Cohen says they always have some unique beers on tap, and with a wide variety there’s something to please the palate.

“We can find people something simple or something that is so complex sometimes we can't comprehend it until you actually taste it,” says Cohen.

Standing out among the bright signs is this chalkboard which Cohen says he made after many requests for Coor’s Light, served in this space by bars gone by.

“Customers would come in and say oh I'll have a Coor's Light I was asked so many time I just wrote a sign,” remarks Cohen.

Naturally when it came time to make a website Cohen took a nod to the sign.

“We knew Moe's Tavern wasn't going to work so I just turned around I said no Coor's Light dot com,” Cohen jokes, “After he misspelled it once with three o's we finally got it right so that is how we settled upon our website.”

Here at Moe’s Cohen says it’s not so much about what they do but what they don’t. There isn’t a kitchen so you’re free to bring your own food, and they no longer serve mixed drinks. What you will find however is a well stocked selection of fine whiskeys.

“We have whiskey we have beer I have some wine on tap I have some cider and we have non beer items but we try to be different on purpose,” says Cohen.

You can find Moe’s Tavern online at this link or their Facebook by clicking here.

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