Western Mass Brews: Worthington St. in Springfield

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Welcome back for this week's Western Mass Brews. Today it is all about the activity taking place on Worthington Street in downtown Springfield.

Representative Jeff Goulet explains how busy it's going to be.

"In just a few hours time we will have tents up running through the middle of the street. We will have 27 breweries, 34 homebrewers 3 tweeners new breweries on the verge of opening up , food trucks and Theodore's grilling up on the street," says Jeff.

It's a sold out event and ticket holders can vote on their favorite homebrew.

"When you come in you get two tokens and you'll place those in the bucket of the homebrewer you think is the best," explains Jeff.

But it doesn't end there!

"The winner of the home brew competition will brew with Vanished Valley next year we will make a special beer of the next worthy. Next year we will be canning it with the Worthy logo," Jeff tells Western Mass News.

Some past year winners? Vanished Valley, and the Drunken Rabbit which has gone on to open a brewery.

So how cool is it to see them go from homebrewer to owning their own business?

"It's rewarding for me ...it's touching...we make personal connections... these people are so serious about their craft," adds Jeff.

So what can ticket holders expect this year?

"...Brew Master Jack made a beer for Black Ale Project and the charity they chose was 'Soldier On' so it's going to be neat. We will have that, the folks from Soldier On and the Black Ale Project but also a vet brewery that will be sitting right next to them, Arc Point Brewery a new nano brewery in Belchertown," says Jeff.

If you are headed to Worthington St. for this event be ready to drink some new and great beer.

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