Western Mass reacts to Tiger Woods' latest major win.

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AGAWAM, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Tiger Woods has won his fifth Masters title, his first major win in eleven years.

His legendary comeback will forever be remembered, and his big win is giving inspiration to sports fans across the country.

"He was a big name twenty years ago, and," Tom DiRico, the director of the Agawam Municipal Golf Course, tells us. "I think his name is back now."

The last time Tiger Woods had the green jacket draped over his shoulders was back in 2005.

After suffering many injuries and multiple back surgeries, many believed that Tiger Woods' career was over, but, on Sunday afternoon, he shocked the nation.

"Personally," continued DiRico. "I didn't think he would, but I think everyone, right now, is very pleased that he did win the Masters."

In the first decade of Tiger's professional career, he dominated the golf game, and even he inspired a new generation of golfers, the same generation he was up against at the Masters.

Tiger Woods isn't just an inspiration to the players he's playing against, but he's also sparking an interest in players who have never played before.

Tom DiRico with the Agawam Municipal Golf Course tells Western Mass News the sport has been gaining popularity over the years, and he sees Tiger's win as a win for the golf community as well.

"Here at Agawam Country Club," adds DiRico. "I'm seeing more and more younger golfers play this golf course, so I think golf is on an upturn right now, so I'm very optimistic for the game going forward. I think Tiger winning the Masters again is going to have a big impact for the golf business going forward."

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