HOLYOKE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- We are less than 24 hours from a sea of green in Holyoke. The city is one of the staple locations for St. Patrick's Day celebrations that go all weekend long.

It’s nearly time to channel your Irish spirit with St. Patrick’s Day weekend getting underway.

"If you're driving down the streets of Holyoke today, you'll see some guards up already. We got the horses up to line the streets," said Hayley Dunn with the Holyoke Parade Committee.

Dunn said that they are ready for thousands expected to hit the streets on both Saturday for the road race and for Sunday's parade.

"Thirty-plus bands marching down the streets, over 20 floats. We're very excited," Dunn explained.

The parade is ready for you, but how do you make sure you're ready for the parade?

"Tomorrow is our road race. That kicks off at 1 o'clock. You're not going to be able to park in the streets, Northampton Street, Beech Street, other streets downtown," Dunn said.

Instead of parking in downtown, Dunn told Western Mass News that folks heading to the race should take advantage of their shuttle service.

"If you want to park at Holyoke Community College, they're going to be running shuttle buses free all day long," Dunn noted.

While the parade is on Sunday around noon, you can get ready for it on race day.

"You can begin saving your spot Saturday morning, 24 hours in advance," Dunn added.

Just be practical with what you use to hold that spot.

"Maybe just a chair with a sign would be appropriate enough. We don't clutter, we don't want trash. We want to be respectful," Dunn said.

Also, keep in mind parking isn't that easy on Sunday either, so plan ahead.

"The streets will be blocked off beginning at 10 a.m. If you're going to attend the parade, park on the side streets, get there early," Dunn explained.

Most imporantly have fun, but be mindful of others in the crowd.

"It's family friendly, so we want to be respectful of other parade spectators. [Use your head basically is what you're saying?] Exactly." Dunn noted.

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