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WILBRAHAM, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Flooding continues to impact communities around western Massachusetts. In Wilbraham, the fire department and public works crews are working around the clock to clean up residents’ homes.

Right by Main Street in the center of town, one local business owner told us she arrived at work on Sunday to see water had torn through her building and now, she’s scrambling to get it back open.

“People have lost a lot more than us, but I’ll tell you, we have a fair share of work ahead of us,” said Mary Matthews, owner of Innerglow Skin Studios.

Matthews has owned Innerglow Skin Studio since November 2019. Standing water and mud could be seen covering the backyard and water gushed out of a hose that empties outside.

According to Wilbraham Fire Chief Michael Andrews, they have responded to at least 50 calls in the last two days and pumped more than 29 basements, some of which have over two feet of water.

Matthews told Western Mass News that there was more than five feet of water on Monday, which has impacted her business in more ways than one.

“One evening, we ended up with five feet of water to the point where now we’re dealing with electrical panels that need to be replaced, our HVAC units,” Matthews explained.

While Matthews’ business, located on the first and second floor, did not have any water damage, the basement, which she rents out, was wrecked by the flooding

“We are just all-hands-on-deck today doing what we can to assist and help salvage what we can for our fellow tenant and our fellow friend,” Matthews noted.

We spoke with an HVAC technician about how an incident like this affects more aspects of a home or business than you think.

“Blower fans go bad, the electrical control boards go bad, a lot of that stuff happens,” said Stephen Besner with Top Mechanical Service.

It will also be a costly repair.

“I would say high…thousands of dollars,” Besner added.

He offered us his advice to keep your home dry as we prepare for more rain in the forecast.

“Make sure your sump pumps are plugged in the basement…Sandbag around your basement doors, try to prevent the water as best you can,” Besner said.

Matthews said she’s committed to make sure she’s prepared for next time.

“We are going to take all precautions and make certain that this tragedy this devastation doesn’t happen again to our tenants and to ourselves,” Matthews said.

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