WILBRAHAM, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - 15-year-old Chicopee Comp High School student Alex Ortiz died in a car crash in Wilbraham over the weekend.

The grief felt by family and friends also extends to the four officers who responded to the call.

Today at Chicopee Comp High School, grief councilors were on hand for students and staff.

This accident not only has a lasting impact on the school, but the first responders called to the scene.

"People realize it is okay to get help, even if you're a police officer," Capt. Timothy Kane of the Wilbraham Police Department tells us.

Car parts cover the ground where the car Alex Ortiz was in crashed into a tree on Sunday night.

Captain Timothy Kane tells Western Mass News four officers responded to the scene on three rivers road.

"It's straight for a little ways, but then there's a curve right there and the vehicle hit a tree head on, so there is major impact to the car. The recent incident, the fatal accident in Wilbraham, that caused some officers to want some help, and they wanted some counseling," continued Capt. Kane.

Capt. Kane says a tragic accident like this can have a lasting impact on officers.

"Everyone's different. Some people feel like they are lost or they have no focus. They get depressed, they are irritable, they don't want to talk about it," stated Capt. Kane.

He says two of the four officers who responded to the crash have asked for help.

"I think talking to his spouse, his family members, his friends to see, you know, how he is doing and if he is doing okay, if he still feels the same, if he is not depressed, or has any anxiety or has a hard time doing his job or he avoids calls," said Capt. Kane.

Capt. Kane says the police department will be partnering with the fire department for support.

"Sometimes just talking about it helps with people deal with it better. If not, we have a facility that we can go to 24/7, and some people recommend just going to your doctor and get a reference for someone who is good at dealing with," added Capt. Kane.

There was a second person in the car with Ortiz, who suffered serious injuries.

No further information has been released about that person or the investigation.

In the meantime, Chicopee Comp High School will have grief counselors available for students again tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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