Wintry Nor'easter makes for slippery Friday morning commute

(Western Mass News photo)

The slippery storm conditions made driving a little more than difficult Friday morning from Springfield to the hilltowns.

Police responded to multiple accidents from drivers going too fast or simply following too close.

The commute was been a mixed bag, depending on where you live, but one thing has remained constant - emergency crews responding to accidents popping up from the messy conditions on the roads, and drivers have taken notice.

"They are kind of slushy and a little bit icy on top," said Hannah Reid of Gill. A little ice is all it takes to cause an accident.

Western Mass News captured video of police on Route 10 in Deerfield this morning after a pickup truck rammed into the back of this Honda Accord.

Police said that the driver of the car saw a plow coming on the other side and tried to brake quickly on the slush filled street. The pickup truck just could not stop in time.

Less than an hour later in Bernardston, police found an SUV on Martindale Road. Officers said that the driver was going too fast in the slippery conditions and drove head on into this tree.

"The conditions are kind of keeping people off guard. It's been so nice lately and sort of got into that spring mode. Now, you have to readjust and think about winter again," Reid added.

Reid is doing just that. She and her husband have a weekend getaway planned, but not before getting through this weather. That means driving safely with her one and four year old sons inside.

"You want to keep them safe in the back seat and make sure that all the other drivers are being safe too," Reid noted.

It's not just parents keeping safe. Bernie Randall, owner of BC Rand Towing, had to winch the SUV out from the tree and told Western Mass News while that was the first accident of the morning, it won't be the last.

"This is the slipperiest storm this year," Randall explained.

Both drivers in the Deerfield accident escaped unhurt, while the Bernardston driver was taken to the hospital by family members to treat minor injures.

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