WORCESTER, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- One Worcester woman is using that same philosophy of being 'bitten by the science bug' to bring science to young students.

It's hard to miss Kim Bent as she pulls up to a school. She's the founder of Catch the Science Bug and driver of a lime green VW Beetle.

"I actually go into schools, libraries, and youth groups and teach science and engineering. Catch the Science Bug's mission is to get kids engaged and excited about doing science. By doing science and engineering projects, kids learn critical thinking skills that can apply to any facet of life," Bent explained.

As a former science teacher, Bent uses her passion for science to inspire kids.

"When I taught high school science, kids had already decided if they were good in science or bad in science. It's a shame because some of the best scientists didn't do that great in school," Bent noted.

For a time, Catch the Science Bug was also producing television episodes to expand the audience of her lessons.

"We have nine episodes that aired on PBS Rhode Island. We are selling that over Vimeo to raise money for the Catch the Science Bug Foundation, so we can create more content," Bent noted.

The road has been long for Bent. It was a seven year journey to see her idea get off the ground, but now, the miles take her to a place where she thrives - in front of kids.

"If nothing more, we gave them a couple moments of being engaged in life and enjoying something," Bent said.

We wanted to help, so behalf of Western Mass News and Diamond RV, Jacob presented her with a check for $500 to continue teaching kids science.

Bent told us that she also just started teaching kids different tools to manage stress. There is a science for stress management too.

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