Sunday, thousands of people took over Main Street in Springfield not only to celebrate the city’s 382nd birthday, but to mow down some pancakes and bacon in the single largest gathering there is for the two breakfast favorites.

The world’s largest pancake breakfast a day of fun, but it wasn’t without debate.Volunteers had the batter pouring early and the bacon as crisp as can be, but the world’s largest pancake breakfast wasn’t without controversy. Many had to choose between the traditional syrup and what resembles an ice cream sundae.Some loved chocolate syrup, some loved strawberry syrup and others enjoyed whipped cream and sprinkles.

“Sprinkles with pancakes?” asked local resident Erick Perez. “Come on! That’s not good. You’re just eating a lot of junk food.”“I’m just a [type of] syrup guy,” says maple syrup enthusiast Jonathan Santana. “I don’t think anything in your pancakes should be other than syrup or butter. Maybe a couple of blueberries. Throw in chocolate and all of that, we do have some imposters. Honestly, I’m a syrup man.”“For one,” stated Angel Nieves. “It’s called a pan-cake! Cake! What would you want on your cake? You let me know. I want chocolate, I want whipped cream, I want sprinkles.”

While the great debate of our time remains undecided at this point, Charles Roman tells Western Mass News that community is what the largest breakfast around is about.

“Whatever is on your pancake,” Roman told us. “The thing that’s most important the most, look how everybody is together. So put whatever you want on your pancake, as long as it brings people together. It’s God’s work.”

Just about everything there was donated, made and served by volunteers.For years Springfield and Battle Creek, Michigan dueled over this world record meal. Michigan finally gave up and stopped counting servings and Springfield never looked back.

Tickets for today's event were $3 for adults and $1 for kids. It went until about 11 o'clock am. or until all those in line, were served.

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