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CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A 'Secret Santa' has struck again in a western Massachusetts walmart.

This time, Santa is 11 years old.

On Thursday, we told you about an anonymous 'Santa' who walked into the Walmart on Boston Road in Springfield and paid off or put money down on several layaway orders.

It turns out another 'Santa' was busy yesterday over at the Chicopee Walmart.

This one was a sixth grader.

Brady Procon, 11, of Ludlow is your typical sixth grader. He loves to hang out with his friends.

What is perhaps not so typical for an 11-year old is the trip Brady made with his dad to the Chicopee Walmart on Thursday.

"Not a lot of kids are as fortunate as others, so I thought it would be nice to help a kid have christmas," Brady Procon said.

Brady's dad said his son saw a story on Western Mass News about a 'Secret Santa' paying off random layaway's at Walmart, so brady wanted to do the same.

"I'm very proud of Brady. He's always thinking of others," said his mother, Kristen Procon.

So to the Walmart in Chicopee they went. Brady's dad caught everything on video.

The two Walmart employees were surprised by this 11 year old's generosity.

"We see so much bad, I appreciate watching this," said one of the employees.

Brady added, "The man said he had a tear in his eye because he said not a lot of people do good."

Brady selected a random layaway receipt. The total: $327.27. He said it was meant to be, considering what was in the order.

"An XBox, a Playstation, and dinosaur walkie talkies," Brady explained.

They're defiantly items on a child's Christmas wish list.

Brady's dad posted the video and pictures on Facebook and they continue to be shared over and over, but that's not why Brady said he did this.

"I'm hoping that other kids would catch along with this...and sort of kick-off a trend," Brady noted.

Afterall, Brady said, this is the season of giving.

"It makes me feel happy that another kid can have a Christmas just like mine," Brady said.

Brady said he only wishes he could be a fly on the wall when the person comes to pick up their layaway.

Walmart told Western Mass News that this sort of thing is not uncommon at their stores nationwide during the holidays, but not usually by an 11 year old.

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