WESTFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The Westfield Bombers had their starting rotation shaken up this season after the team lost more than half their starters at the end of last season.

Even with a large rising senior class, the Bombers needed to call on sophomores to fill the gap.

We caught up with the team to see how this integration has affected their season.

"We had a nice influx of some good, young guys. We’ve got a really good balance of some sophomores playing. It’s encouraging for a future. Every coach is always looking to the future of his program. Not just the here and now, so I think we will be in good hands. We have a sophomore quarterback. We are rotating in about six or seven other sophomores right now, so it’s nice to see those guys play and nice to see them get good playing time," Head Coach Robert Parent tells us.

Bombers Head Coach Robert Parent says that getting this group of young guys ready to play took some effort.

"It’s not easy. Like anything else, there’s never enough time, enough hours in the day to get these guys coached up, but these guys are receptive. It’s hard to play at this level and at this division and in this program, and these guys have really shown that their adept to learning and they get on the field in progress. They listen and they do their job," explained Coach Parent.

A progression that seniors Mason Collingwood and Anthony Suhocki have seen as well

"It’s been good and they have been working really hard. We know each other pretty well. It’s hard, because they don’t know what it’s like to work, because, when I was a sophomore, it was the same thing. We were in the same situation. We lost a lot of seniors. We were a really young group. I just try and teach them that you’ve got to keep your head up. You’ve got to keep working, especially after a week like last week. Got to get angry and keep coming back," stated Suhocki.

"It’s just the confidence. Giving them the confidence that they can play on the field, be the teammate that I have to be, and just help them out through the moves like the rest of the seniors," says Collingwood.

And looking ahead to the future, there is one vision: consistency.

"When we are going, we are really good and our confidence is good, and in high school sports, confidence is everything. Momentum is everything. In a couple of our prior games and the two that we lost, we really had no momentum and any chance that we had, we squandered, and I think that just comes with being a young team trying to learn and trying to grow, and to battle through some of those times in the game, where you’ve got to grind it out and you’ve got to go make a play versus sitting back and hoping somebody else does it for you," added Coach Parent.

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