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Peppa Pig toys (Cristian Borquez via Flickr)

(Meredith) -- Parents across the U.S. are sharing stories of their toddlers unexpectedly speaking in British accents after watching the popular T.V. show 'Peppa Pig.' It's been dubbed "the Peppa effect."

The wildly popular children's show follows Peppa and her family of pigs navigating everyday life with their friends. The famous pig family now has American parents sharing stories of their kids saying things like Zebra and Tomato with a British accent.

Molly Smalley said her son's accent came out of nowhere. "We think it's really funny! He will still do it," she said. You can see a short clip of her son Oliver's accent here.

Australian author Zoë Foster Blake said her son picked up a British accent as well. "I think he watches too much Peppa Pig because he's got a bit of a British accent now," she said.

YouTube personality, Casey Neistat also attributes his three-year-old's newfound accent to Peppa. "My three year old daughter speaks with a slight but pronounced British accent. She learned it from Peppa Pig," he said on Twitter.

Roberto Rey Agudo, the language program director of the department of Spanish and Portuguese at Dartmouth College and a public voices fellow with the OpEd Project told Romper, a parenting blog, the adoption of Peppa's accent is a matter of exposure due, "in part because Peppa Pig has been such a phenomenon with the 2 to 5-year-old crowd and it's considered cute, whereas I don't know what other shows have that kind of currency right now."

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