Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad helps local teacher keep her smile

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The Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad was able to help a Springfield community that has been rallying for a selfless teacher.

We celebrated the hard work of one long-standing professional at Sumner Avenue Elementary with a surprise summer break send-off. The end of the school year is a joyous time for students and teachers, and in Springfield, the last day at Sumner Avenue Elementary was one for the books. Para-professional Ms. Joyce Click has been helping teachers for the for the last 27 years. "When I'm not here the kids are like where were you?. But I try to come to work every day," said Click. Her attendance record is nearly perfect. "She comes and literally gives all of herself to them and to us," said Special Education Teacher Michele Cruz. Ms. Click even survived a heart attack back in 2014 at the school. "They were trying to bring me back to life, and then I was raising a granddaughter that recently lost her mom at the age of 11 so I kinda had it tough but I made it," said Click. Her thankless work and commitment both in-and out- of the classroom is not going unnoticed. "She just comes to work every day and she doesn't ask for anything," Cruz added.

The Western Mass News Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad was able to provide Ms. Click with lunch and even more. More than a decade ago, Ms. Click was also diagnosed with lupus. The skin disease causes daily aches and pains, and the medication for it now is deteriorating her teeth.

"I went to the dentist and they started pulling them, and I said oh my gosh you can't pull my teeth I can't pay for this!" Click added. The Surprise Squad teamed up with Dr. Debian at Holyoke Dental Associates to provide Ms. Click with a free pair of dentures.

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