Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad helps to fix woman's home

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In the last year, local non-profit Revitalize CDC re-built 76 homes across Springfield and Holyoke with the help of 1,200 volunteers.

For five years, an 89-year-old widow in Springfield has been asking for help from the organization.

On Saturday, thousands showed up to fix her house along with ten other homes in her Manhattan Street neighborhood.

Among those volunteers were our very own Jeff Cramer and Brittany Murphy with the Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad.

This year, the non-profit is repairing 11 homes on Manhattan Street. Revitalize CDC President and CEO Colleen Loveless, said Elsa Gordon really stands out.

"Mrs. Gordon came to us because she really needed some help. For five years, she needed to fix her leaky roof," said Loveless.

Mrs. Gordon's advocacy caused a ripple effect throughout the community

"Great ambassador for the neighborhood, for the street, her neighbors seeing if they need assistance if they can get help," Loveless continued.

The 89-year-old has lived on Manhattan Street in Springfield for 14 years

"I don't have a big family. It's hard for me, my husband passed. I can't go on. I fell a month and a half ago, crack my hips I just came out the hospital," said Gordon.

A whole team was at her home on Saturday to repair to her roof and steps.

"Right now she has a washing machine in the house off the kitchen which is leaking underneath. The dryer is actually outside in this shed type area, it's attached to the house but not in the heated area of the house," said Loveless.

The Lia Auto Group was more than delighted to help Mrs. Gordon, so they gave her items for her new bathroom that included pictures, towels, detergent, and more.

They also gave Mrs. Gordon a gift card $350 Home Depot gift card towards a new washing machine, and Loveless picked up the rest of the tab in order for her to have a new one.

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