Lia Surprise Squad gives back to local artist

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A talented Springfield artist is thriving. Her art even getting picked up by celebrities like rapper T.L.

However, it's her commitment to family values that's drawing in our Surprise Squad.

"When she was little, she started scribbling. Next thing, you know people are asking for her art. Next thing you know, she's all over the internet," said Pamela Bussay.

Lauren Webb, 30, started drawing on an Etch-a-Sketch as a child.

"It was to keep her obedient in class and now, it's amazing. She's doing stuff for stars, coats, pictures. She's just amazing," said Sheryl Pace-Webb.

Designing clothing and painting, like one she calls "Water Recedes."

However, Lauren's mom, Sheryl, told Western Mass News that her full-time job is taking care of her grandmother, Ethel, who is bedridden with a complicated medical condition.

"It evokes a lot of emotions because it's amazing having someone that young dedicating her life to her grandparent." Pace-Webb added.

Bussay added, "She gets to stay in her home and has the thing she loves the most - her family - around her and that's because of the care Lauren gives, it's because of that."

It's her commitment to family that led her aunt Pamela Bussay to nominate her.

"People look up to superstars, but idolize my grandmother. I watched her struggle, do whatever she had to do, so we could have, so I'm gonna do whatever I can do, so she can have," Webb noted.

We pulled Lauren from laundry duty to give back for all she does

Inspired, the Western Mass News and Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad is keeping the arts alive.

We surprised Lauren with paint, brushes, markers, a carrying case, and more to motivate a woman who not only supports her family, but also the community - bringing awareness to domestic violence after losing a close friend.

"Every year, they have a march for her, so we're really big on that," Webb added.

We also wanted Lauren to get a little relaxation, so we brought her to a massage at Renew Calm Spa in West Springfield, as well as a gift card for some more relaxing another time.

Pursuing her dreams, with a lot weighing on her, Lauren is an inspiration to many.

If you know someone deserving of a visit from the Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad, email

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