Lia Surprise Squad giving thanks for local woman's generosity

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A Wilbraham woman spends her time giving back to local police and fire departments with homemade meals and sweets.

Although she'd never ask for it, our Western Mass News and Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad is giving thanks for her generosity.

Grace Carmichael of Wilbraham is a frequent Big Y shopper, but oftentimes, she's not filling her own pantry.

"She goes above and beyond for everyone in our area," said Wilbraham resident Nicole Stevenson.

She cooks for our police and fire departments, and bringing treats to local businesses, including Nicole Stevenson.

"Cookies every year, coffee cake weekly, lemonade last week," continued Nicole. "She's constantly thinking of us. If she's doing that for us, I can't imagine what she's doing for everyone in our area."

Her thoughtful ways led to Nicole's nomination to our Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad.

"I just like to help out," stated Grace. "I enjoy what I do. I like to bake and I like to buy."

Inspired by her kind actions, we're picking up the tab.

"There's really not much I need today," said Grace.

After a little push, we started with dessert, moving on to dinner with steak and seafood, and then back to the sweets.

"She's a phenomenal person," continued Nicole. "She's so kind and generous. She doesn't want to publicize what she does and she'd never have someone do something for her. This is a great way for us to help her out, surprise her, and cheer her up."

"I certainly appreciate it," Grace tells us. "It's a total surprise."

From a few items, to a full cart, and more to come. Lia Surprise Squad gave Grace $250 in Big Y gift cards for her next big shopping trip.

"I can't believe this," said Grace. "I am shocked."

If you know someone deserving of a visit from the Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad, email

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