Lia Surprise Squad helps cancer patient stay warm as winter weather continues

(Western Mass News photo)

Overcoming the hardships of cancer, a local Springfield woman works four jobs to try and keep up with her bills.

As a way to turn things around, our Western Mass News and Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad is stepping in to ease the burden by heating her home on this cold spring day.

"She works hard, she's struggling. I don't wanna see her struggle like this," said Leon Johnson.

Johnson wrote to our Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad, asking to help his good friend Letitia Ewing with her oil bill.

"Just because she works too much, so when one bill comes up, another comes in," Johnson added.

Fueled by Johnson's kindness, we set off to Springfield to warm Ewing's heart and home.

Four years ago, Ewing was struck with heartbreaking news.

"I was diagnosed with BRCA1 and 2 gene with my family, so I had breast cancer and uterine cancer at the same time. It's been a battle coming back and fighting for myself, but still trying to maintain and keep going on," Ewing noted.

Ewing is now cancer-free, but her expenses are still adding up

"I had to drop out. I was going back for my Masters, but tuition is too much and trying to maintain and keep a house and pay bills and work, it became too much," Ewing explained.

With a sign on the fireplace reading "Don't Quit", Ewing explained how she manages to stay warm

Working 80 hours a week, Ewing is still paying off her last oil bill, so as the Western Mass News and Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad, this is on us

Fuel Services helped with the heat and our photographer Erik added to the surprise by fixing the chirping smoke alarms.

"She's always helping others, so it doesn't seem like she needs help, but I know deep inside she needs it," Johnson noted.

Don't forget, if you would like to nominate someone for a visit from the Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad, email

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