Lia Surprise Squad helps couple pay it forward after hurricane destroys wedding

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Back in November, Western Mass News told you about two high school sweethearts from Springfield who spent close to two years planning their dream wedding in Puerto Rico, only to have it destroyed by a hurricane.

Our Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad - with the help of The Log Cabin - gave the couple a free wedding.

Now, we're helping them pay it forward on their honeymoon.

"Since we were kids, we always said forever and a day and that's what its going to be," said Joseph Alvarado

Western Mass News first brought you the story of Joseph Alvarado and Sandra Colon back in November.

On September 5, they flew to the island with their two young children. The next day, Hurricane Irma hit.

Although safe from the storm, their big day was destroyed.

So the Lia Auto Group and Western Mass News Surprise Squad - along with The Log Cabin - gave the couple a free wedding

Fast forward to Saturday, April 14, 2018 - Alvarado and Colon said their long-awaited "I Do's" at The Log Cabin.

"There isn't anybody else in this world that I would ever want to go through this with. He is my rock and without him, this wouldn't be as easy as we make it seem like," Sandra said.

Although not their original plan, the high school sweethearts see an the positives to their second chance wedding

Since the hurricane devastation, Sandra, Joseph, and their two children volunteer for Enlace de Familias, giving back to those struggling on the island.

"So much has been given to us, there's no reason to not give back. I wish we could do so much more, I feel like were not doing enough sometimes," Joseph added.

Now, they're paying it forward on their honeymoon in Puerto Rico and the Surprise Squad is joining them in helping restore things on the island

We actually sent some donations to the organization they are volunteering with.

Brooms, saw blades, sports drinks, and a whole lot more is going to All Hands and Hearts - an organization dedicated to helping communities impacted by natural disasters

However, we also wanted this honeymoon to be time for Joseph and Sanda, so we booked a couples massage at one of the spas by the hotel where they are staying.

Ten years, two children, a dog, another wedding and trip to Puerto Rico - together.

If you know someone deserving of a visit from the Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad, email

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