Lia Surprise Squad helps local mother continue her weight loss challenge

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A local mom took on a New Years weight loss challenge and stuck with it.

In about five months, Tiffany Karam has lost 45 pounds.

Karam's an inspiration to her family, friends, coworkers, and our Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad.

"I had a baby in 2016 and during my pregnancy, I gained like 80 pounds," Karam explained.

Back on January 5, Karam asked her co-workers at Baystate Medical Center to take on a different kind of training.

"We should do a weight loss challenge starting January 5 and we'll weigh ourselves April 5. I was just sick of being overweight and not feeling good and I wanted to be active for my son," Karam said.

In April, she won that challenge.

"I just went for it and I ended up losing 30 pounds during the weight loss challenge and total today is 45 pounds," Karam added.

With a wedding to plan, Karam isn't slowing down and is being lifted by her fiance, Robert, and her son.

"My two year old son is the best personal trainer in the world. I'll take him on runs and he's always like 'Faster Mommy, faster' and I'm like 'I can't go any faster,'" Karam said.

Karam's mother, Connie, told Western Mass News that she wants to reward her daughter for making her health a priority and that's where our Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad runs in.

We brought Karam all sorts of different types of workout clothes. Some that will fit now and some to motivate you. We also dropped off a massage roller for after those runs with the little guy and some wedding stuff.

Teaching herself how to diet and exercise, Karam said that she's plateaued. That's where Ashley Brodeur, personal trainer and owner of Active Lifestyle Fitness, came in with three months of unlimited large group classes.

"Getting started with us and continuing your journey with us is definitely going to help in the long-term boost your muscle and metabolism and help you stay fit over a lifetime," Brodeur added.

If you know someone deserving of a visit from the Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad, email

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