Retired teacher makes an impact on Link to Libraries

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Link to Libraries is a local nonprofit, enhancing the language and literacy skills of kids across western Massachusetts and Connecticut.

They do it by collecting and distributing books to elementary school students and non-profits with the help of volunteers.

"We know books and reading are a child's best chance for success at school and in life," said Laurie Flynn, president and CEO of Link to Libraries.

Servicing 72 schools, Link to Libraries is the largest regional distributor of books to under-served kids in western Massachusetts - donating more than 500,000 books to date.

"That to me is the most important thing because I know that I am helping kids receive a book they can take home," said volunteer Lynn Weiner.

Like many non-profits, Link to Libraries relies completely on great volunteers like Weiner.

"Having taught in Springfield for 38 years, I know how important that is to kids. They can build up their library. If you could see their faces when they get that book and they say 'Can we keep it?'" Weiner added.

Flynn told Western Mass News that Weiner's expertise and experience as a teacher is a blessing for the organization.

"Thank God she's here doing what she's doing. She's our book packer extraordinaire. She's very modest when she says she checks for books and labels and packs them because what she's talking about is 3,000 books at a time and it's a lot to deal with," Flynn explained.

Although retired, it's clear that Weiner hasn't really left the classroom.

"First and foremost, Lynn is passionate about Link to Libraries and she's passionate because she's passionate about the children we're serving and I think that's a beautiful quality. She's dedicated, she's loyal, she's selfless," Flynn noted.

So dedicated, she shows up every single day to make sure things are in order

"It's not that Lynn doesn't have a very busy life and a family and grandkids and all sorts of things she's doing in her personal life, but she's taking time away from that to be here with us and I just think that shows what a wonderful person she is," Flynn said.

Weiner added, "Just the fact these kids are receiving books, that would keep me going forever because I think that's so valuable."

Link to Libraries reads to third and fourth graders monthly from October through April. They could always use more help.

For more information, you can CLICK HERE.

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