(Meredith) – There are a lot of concerns about children going back to school this year.

On the bright side, this is an exciting opportunity to get back into class, in-person, with friends and a real, live teacher in the same room.

Julia Edelstein, the Editor-in-Chief of Parents Magazine, has some great ideas how you can help your child have a fab first day!

The 2021-2022 back to school season is shaping up to be really exciting and positive for families, especially when you compare it to last year.

Edelstein said a survey at Parents found that families are more excited and less anxious than they were, so it is time to make the most of it.

Back to school photos on the first day are a tradition that can help ease the jitters and ramp up the fun.

“Don’t just make the sign, create a fun backdrop. We love creating a balloon arch. You can literally just tape balloons to the wall in a rainbow shape or of course you can go all out and buy a balloon arch for the first day of school,” Edelstein said.

She says kids light up when they see decorations to celebrate the day and it sets a fantastic mood for the first day of school.

Edelstein said another great idea is to go to school in a group if you live in walking distance to the school.

Try to coordinate with a few other families to make that walk together.

“Walking in together with a few friends can really set your kid’s worries aside and help them feel that this is not just going to be about reading and writing and math, which of course it is going to be about, that but it is also going to be about spending time with friends and gaining independence from their parents,” Edelstein said.

Paper confetti is another great tip for celebrating back to school. You can make it yourself or purchase some, and as your kids walk out the door throw it for a big surprise.

“It will set the mood that this is a day to celebrate. Yes, summer is ending, but your kids are going back for a live in-person school year and that is a moment worthy of confetti for sure,” Edelstein said.

For more back to school tips visit parents.com or read this month’s issue of Parents Magazine.

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