(WJXT/CNN/Meredith) -- A Florida mother wants answers and action after her six-year-old daughter with special needs was taken from school to a mental health facility in a police car.

It happened last week and was caught on police body camera.

But it's not the officers the mother is upset with -- it's the school. Martina Falk and her attorney say her daughter's civil rights were violated.

Falk could hardly fight back tears as she watched the police body camera video for the first time.

It shows her six-year-old daughter, Nadia, leaving Love Grove Elementary after the school says she was “baker acted” for having an uncontrollable tantrum in class.

A Baker Act is a means of providing individuals with emergency services and temporary detention for mental health evaluation and treatment when required, either on a voluntary or an involuntary basis.

Falk says her daughter is not able to communicate fully due to her disability.

In the video, Nadia walks hand-in-hand with an officer who takes her to a mental hospital. Once the officer is in the driver seat, she talks to another cop standing outside the car and comments on how calm Nadia is behaving.

The following conversation between the officers was caught on the body cameras:

Officer in the car: “She's been actually very pleasant. Right? Very pleasant.”

Outside officer: “I just think they [the school] don’t want to deal with it.”

Officer in the car: “That's what I say, plus, I think they're pushing the buttons because when I got there, she's been so cooperative with me, talking, sat down. Did everything.”

Outside officer: “Yeah you poke the bear one too many times, it’s gonna scratch you.”

Officer in the car: “Yeah, because they say this is the 4 out of 5 days she's been acting like this. Well, then, I think it might be y'all.”

Falk says the school never called her before they “baker acted” her child, and they took her to the mental hospital without letting her come to the school first.

 “An apology would be nice, but it isn't going to fix the pain that I feel watching that video knowing that my daughter may have been provoked because their staff were irritated or maybe had a bad day and didn't want to deal with a special needs child. It's hurtful,” Falk said.

The family's attorney says they are planning to file a civil lawsuit and the girl will not be going back to the school.

The district did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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