Upstate Divorce Photo Shoot

Marie Lollis from Mauldin celebrated her newfound freedom, or as some would call it, divorce, with a photo shoot. Just a few hours after it had been posted, the pics went viral! (Photo: Tiltin’ My Lens Photography)

MAULDIN, SC (FOX Carolina) - A Mauldin woman is showing off her new-found freedom in a big way. Marie Lollis celebrated her recent divorce by doing a photo shoot and within hours of being posted online the pictures went viral.

She said it wasn't meant to bash her ex, but it was needed for her to start a new chapter.

“No hard feelings, I'm happy for him and he's happy for me,” Lollis said. “It's like a sigh of relief and I can breathe again. I always had that pushed under the rug."

The two separated three years ago, they're both in new relationships so when it became official a crazy idea popped into her head.

She said she’s a girl who lives in jeans and converse, so the country girl never thought she’d do a photo shoot like this.

"I messaged my sister-in-law who is a photographer and said let’s do a cute little photo shoot, put some thigh highs on,” Lollis said. “I didn't have thigh highs. I had to borrow thigh highs, I had to borrow the shoes.”

“We joked around about the shoes, if we knew that millions of people were going to see them, she would have Photoshopped the stickers off. But I borrowed the shoes too."

Then she used them to smash their wedding photo.

It was all just about moving on and Lollis said she never expected the world would be seeing everything.

"It's something bold and we had no idea it was going to go so viral and so many women reach out to both of us saying how we’re empowering them,” Lollis said. “We even had one lady we helped go to a safe house to give advice to her to get her out of a bad situation.”

For those of you wondering, yep, her ex knows all about it.

"He was like do what you've got to do,” Lollis said. “He knows I had to close a chapter, he knows I have a passion for photography so it was just a way for me to close a chapter of my life."

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