Getting Answers: Thousands expected to lose health coverage after changes in MassHealth program

Thousands of people in Massachusetts could lose their health insurance coverage after a federal pandemic-era policy has ended.
Published: May. 31, 2023 at 5:11 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) - Hundreds of thousands of people in Massachusetts could soon lose their health insurance coverage. This after a federal pandemic-era policy has ended, now reopening the annual review of eligibility for MassHealth, the state’s public health insurance program.

According to the Healey administration, nearly 400,000 people are enrolled in MassHealth and are expected to lose their health coverage, but the state and public health leaders said they are ready to respond.

“I’m here today and working all over the state on working on this monumental effort that really is going to take the full spectrum of our health care landscape and communities to ensure that everyone in Massachusetts continues to have access to health coverage,” said Audrey Morse Gasteier.

Thousands of people in the Bay State could soon lose their health insurance coverage. This after a federal pandemic-era policy came to an end, reopening the annual review of eligibility for MassHealth.

“We know the people who will be coming out of MassHealth over the course of the next year will be looking for help and we are ready to provide assistance who needs help,” said Gasteier.

A redetermination campaign is underway as health leaders gathered in Springfield on Wednesday. It’s a collaboration between health care for all, MassHealth, the Massachusetts health connector to ensure hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents retain their health care coverage when MassHealth resumed the eligibility redetermination process on April 1st of this year.

Mike Levine told Western Mass News the goal throughout this effort is to preserve universal health coverage in Massachusetts.

“We are partnering with health plans, with providers, with trusted healthcare organizations within the community in a way that we never have before,” said Levine.

During Wednesday’s event, leaders from state healthcare organizations emphasized how people can get continued access to health care coverage despite the COVDI-related policy coming to an end.

“We are ready and eager to welcome anyone who needs new coverage over the course of the next year,” said Gasteier. “We are already seeing Massachusetts residents take action. Since April 1st, more than 7,200 people who have lost mass health eligibility enrolled in a health connector plan. This includes nearly 4,600 people who enrolled in a June 1st plan. That’s 18 percent higher than our forecast.”

As to finding a health plan that works best for you, health leaders suggest going through the state’s government website.

“Do not trust a Google search to find you lower cost coverage, which likely won’t meet state standards and could leave you with big medical bills,” said Gasteier. “So, it’s important to go to

There will be a health care enrollment event on Saturday, June 17th at the Basketball Hall of Fame from 12 to 4 p.m.

People who need health insurance or have questions about their MassHealth coverage can speak with a trained health insurance assister.