WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- On Tuesday, family and friends laid a hero to rest. Master Sgt. Luis Deleon-Figueroa has now reached his final resting place at the Mass. Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Agawam.

Leading up to the burial, the community showed their support from the street as his friends and family remembering the man Deleon-Figueroa was.

The solider, who called Chicopee home, was celebrated as a brave soldier, but also a loving friend and father.

Luis Deleon-Figueroa was just 31 when he was killed in action in Afghanistan. Today, those he loved most shared memories of what he brought to their lives, both in uniform and out.

What Deleon-Figueroa gave for his country is clear to the other service members who came to pay respects to the 31 year old soldier.

"We made that pledge and a blank check up to our life and unfortunately, he paid the ultimate price. To pay respect to that individual and his family is extremely important to us," said Gene McGreevy, chapter commander of the Disabled American Veterans.

However, what Deleon-Figueroa gave to his fellow soldiers was the confidence that he would think of others before himself.

It was evident during the funeral service itself, in video shared with Western Mass News on Tuesday.

"With everything he had to do before he deployed, he came by to share a service project opportunity with me. In the midst of everything he had going on to get ready, he was thinking about making the lives of others better," said Chaplain Capt. Sam Strittmatter

What Deleon-Figueroa gave his friends were stories and good memories, you can't help but share.

"He asked for my sister's hand in marriage a while back ago. He was still on my team during the time, so obviously a very bold move," said Master Sgt. Henry Adames.

Deleon-Figueroa's daughter, Angie Deleon, added, "I want to thank you for being a great hero and a great daddy."

What Deleon-Figueroa gave his family was a sense of pride and an overwhelming feeling of being loved. It's something that can never be taken away.

"You are forever my papi and know that my mom and family will take care of me. I used to be your angel and now, you're mine," Angie added.

The video of Deleon-Figueroa's services earlier this morning was provided to us by the church, with their permission.

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